Forget glass skin. What about slug skin? No, we're not suggesting you become best friends with slugs. Although, who are we to judge? We're talking about slugging. The K-beauty trend taking skincare by storm. Or should we say, by slime?


What is Slugging?

Imagine this. You slather your face in a thick layer of, well, something slippery. Vaseline? Aquaphor? Welcome to the world of slugging! This technique involves sealing in moisture with an occlusive product, basically creating a protective barrier that keeps your skin hydrated all night long. Think of it as a super-powered sleep mask made of...uggh!

Why Slug It Out?

Dry, flaky skin? Slugging to the rescue. This technique is a game-changer for those struggling with dehydration. The occlusive layer traps moisture in your skin, allowing it to plump up and achieve that coveted dewy glow. Plus, it can help strengthen your skin barrier, making it less susceptible to irritation and environmental damage.

Is Slugging for Everyone?

This is where we stop and choose our words carefully. While slugging boasts amazing benefits for dry skin, it might not be for everyone. Oily or acne-prone complexions might find it a bit too much. Way too much actually. If you're unsure, patch test on a small area of your face first. And remember, even superheroes need to breathe sometimes. Avoid slugging every single night.

The Final Slime-down

Slugging might sound strange, but it's a surprisingly effective way to achieve seriously hydrated, healthy skin. So, if you're ready to ditch the dryness and embrace the dew, give slugging a try! Just remember, with great glow comes great slime-sibility.